Price List

Dog Training Liverpool

Promotion Package
Consultation-Basic training session-Equipment check-nutrition advise

Consultation – £20.00 (will include some dog training also)

Follow up dog training visits – £10.00 per hour
(2 Hour Minimum)

Dog Boarding Liverpool
£20 per night

The above prices are for dog training in Liverpool – please contact us for accurate costs outside of Liverpool.

Dog Walking Liverpool

Single dog walk  (60 min) – £10.00
Discount for dogs from same family
2 dogs same family – £7.00 per dog
3 dogs same family – £6.00 per dog
More Dog walking discounts for long-term clients

 Dog Training Liverpool – Total Rehabilitation

The costs for total rehabilitation will differ dependent upon the issue and the length of time it will take to rehabilitate. This is how I normally work – I observe the situation while in your home or where we can evaluate the negative behavior best, then we  come up with a dog training plan together that feels comfortable with you and we can go from there with the rehabilitation.


Day care
(This is not a Rehabilitation day)
Single Dog £10
2 dogs same family £15
More  discounts for long-term clients